March 28, 2023
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Dolan takes a leap into transcription game


Bob Dolan, the co-founding chief executive officer of CallWave, is back.

He’s the co-founding CEO of a new Santa Barbara company called Cogi. Pronounced koh-gee and established in 2007, Cogi provides an online service to record telephone conversations and select, transcribe and share the most cogent parts.
Now several CEOs removed from Dolan, Callwave shifted its Santa Barbara operations to the Bay Area this summer after a painful cut of nearly half its workforce earlier this year. But Cogi has brought some key CallWave players onto its team of 20 employees, including CallWave’s former vice president of engineering.

The same kind of speech-recognition technology used at CallWave figures into Cogi’s service, but Mark Cromack, Cogi’s co-founder and president, emphasizes that Cogi goes beyond the voicemail transcription services offered by CallWave and others.


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