January 28, 2023
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Planting seeds in San Luis Obispo: New venture fund looks for student entrepreneurs


A tech hub takes the right mix of a great university, eager entrepreneurs and money and mentoring. For a long time, San Luis Obispo County has had plenty of the first two and not enough of the latter.

That could change with the establishment of SLO Seed Ventures, a fund built by San Luis Obispo County business and finance veterans to help Cal Poly students conquer the first stages of building a company. At the same time, Softec, the county’s top networking group for tech professionals, has reworked its website into an online community with hundreds of active users.

SLO Seed Ventures is about getting student entrepreneurs over the first hump: the summer after graduation. Often that’s when students with a bright idea end up having to take an internship to pay the rent, draining time and energy from startup plans.

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