January 19, 2023
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Letter: Business groups should stand firm opposing Props. 30 and 38


Dear Editor:

After following the Business Times’ coverage of the Ventura County Economic Development Association (VCEDA) and its positions on Propositions 30 and 38, I was astounded that the group would even consider changing its “no” positions on the two propositions.

The rationale given by VCEDA to reaffirm its decision remains sound, especially the part about the state bureaucrats and the legislature re-allocating funds for other purposes.

The economy sucks, and we are all (with the exception of public employees) hurting as we try to stretch our budgets to meet our obligations. Taxpayers and small businesses have been pushed to the limit, and the actions of the Ventura County Community College District, which lives on tax dollars, threatening to take their funds and go home is completely childish and irresponsible.

The Ventura County Community College District needs to realize the golden goose that provides tax dollars for its existence may not be able to do so much longer if taxes continue to increase. As the California business climate continues to sour, the golden geese will continue to migrate to friendlier pastures.

Have the district administrators considered taking meaningful reductions in their pay and pension contributions, for the good of their organization and its students?  That would be a good story for the Pacific Coast Business Times!

Perhaps when the tax-takers have sacrificed as much as the tax-makers, they will earn the privilege to make demands and throw tantrums.

— Hal Reniger
Simi Valley

[EDITOR’S NOTE: In the wake of the VCEDA vote, the community college district withdrew from the organization and canceled a $10,000 commitment to sponsor the upcoming VCEDA Business Outlook Conference. Following a revote, VCEDA remains opposed to the two propositions].