January 14, 2023
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Editorial: Thanks, but we’ll stay in California


Oh no, not L.A.

Reports that a proposed initiative to split California into six states might make the ballot in 2016 has our blood boiling.

That’s because the author of the cockamamie scheme, Bay Area venture capitalist Tim Draper, insists on lumping Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties together with Los Angeles County in the prospective “state” of West California.

Now Draper may know a good thing when he sees a business plan for the next Skype or Hotmail, but he is clueless when it comes to understanding how Californians really think about their communities.

The Central Coast will gladly accept Angelenos’ weekend visits, produce their children’s weddings, root for the Dodgers and, with proper permits, allow a movie shoot or two. But we’ll never pay fealty to the dark overlords of Melrose and Wilshire.

If Draper thinks the Central Coast will ever vote to join a state in which Los Angeles holds the high cards, he’d likely be better off in Colorado. After legally consuming enough pot-laced brownies, who knows what the voters could be conned into enacting over there.