January 28, 2023
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Semtech’s LoRa wireless technology used to monitor skiing students in Swiss Alps


Camarillo-based Semtech has announced that, after a successful trial, a ski tracker using its LoRa wireless technology will be used to monitor skiing students on the slopes of the Swiss Alps in the upcoming 2016-2017 ski season.

A LoRaWAN low power, wide area network, comprised of base stations and sensors embedded with Semtech LoRa technology, is the key component. Each student who takes a lesson at the LAAX resort in Switzerland will be equipped with a sensor module that transmits the student’s location to the network via a gateway. Instructors will be able to tap into this information using an app on their smartphone. The app will provide instructors with visual cues they can follow on an interactive map.

Being able to locate a lost student fast on the mountain is important because if the student is disoriented due to the elements or an injury, a quick response is critical. In addition to safety, the ski tracking solution improves the efficiency of ski instructors as they are able to spend more time teaching rather than searching the mountain for lost students using only their eyesight.

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