January 15, 2024
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Letter: Maldonado is right on job creation


Dear Editor:

After reading Republican Abel Maldonado’s op-ed in the Aug. 17-23 issue of the Pacific Coast Business Times, I couldn’t help but write you this letter.  Although my business resides in the 19th district and I cannot vote directly for Mr. Maldonado, his article is dead on.

There is no way that a government can create jobs. Entrepreneurs, like my father who left his job to start his own business 32 years ago, are the ones that America should look toward to jumpstart the economy and create jobs. I have followed his vision and to this day make the choices and manage the potential risks in hopes of growing the company and creating more jobs.

Washington’s policies hinder small-business growth and, more importantly, discourage people from taking risks and starting their own companies. Capitol Hill’s policies and their push toward socialism are acting as a disincentive to millions of Americans.

Increasing taxes on the so-called “rich” or the “1 percent” to make up for failed economic policies and to support wasteful spending by the federal government is sending the wrong message.

By the way, I would venture to say that the “rich” or the “1 percent” were probably made up of many middle-class Americans who pursued the American dream and started their own small businesses when regulations, taxes, and fees were equitable and manageable.

From one small-business owner to another former small-business owner: Mr. Maldonado, you have my full support.

— John Penrose,
President, Aurora Casting & Engineering
Santa Paula