January 29, 2023
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Letter: Editor’s column was insulting to Conejo Valley


[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following was written in response to Editor Henry Dubroff’s April 19 column headlined “KPMG scandal gives the Conejo Valley’s elite a rude wakeup call.”]

Dear Editor:

My apologies for whomever it was from the Conejo Valley that slighted or disrespected you at some point. Was it really necessary for the sake of your article to be so condescending and insulting as to call the men “balding and flabby” and the women basically vain bimbos, not to mention inferring the children are pampered little brats? Cheap shots and tacky writing.

This really was below you and incredibly disrespectful to a community of hardworking, successful, well-educated — and not to mention highly-taxed — citizens and subscribers to your newspaper. I guess we have to apologize for that in today’s world.

I would hope you would review your words and decide to apologize in the next issue for this demeaning attack

Deeply insulted.

— Kyle Wilson

resident of Thousand Oaks