December 5, 2022
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Digital West adds New York node, looks to Australia


San Luis Obispo-based Digital West Networks has added a data co-location center in New York and is set to bring another online in Australia early next year.

Online firms often scatter their data among many locations, keeping it more secure and providing faster connections to customers. Digital West has its primary owned-and-operated data center in San Luis Obispo, where several trans-pacific landing cables come ashore. It also maintains space in data centers in San Jose and Los Angeles.

The company said that its contract for a New York location will help it reach its goal of global connectivity.

“We’re already looking into our London connection,” Tim Williams, CEO and founder of Digital West, said in a statement, “but our next turn-up will be across the Pacific, bringing our Sydney, Australia [point of presence] online in January.”

On a more local scale, Digital West has also been building out a ring of fiber-optic cable around San Luis Obispo, bringing faster connectivity to businesses in and around the city. So far it has laid 23 miles of cable and connected 75 commercial properties. Earlier this year, it also laid fiber to a residential apartment complex.