February 23, 2024
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Letter: Measure P is a step toward a greener future


Dear Editor:

This letter is in reference to your Sept. 12 editorial, “Santa Barbara County takes big green step with Cuyama solar approval.”

The first sentence in the first paragraph has a false and inflammatory statement: “(…) Measure P, the proposal that could ban most oil and gas production in the county (….).”

Measure P will ban only new, extreme extraction techniques that pose significant and immediate health, safety and environmental risks.

Measure P is happening in a larger context in which our global climate catastrophe calls for a shift ASAP — away from fossil carbon to safe, clean, renewable energy sources.

There is plenty of clean-business opportunity in our move to a truly environmentally sustainable economy. Please do not be part of the problem by holding good change back. Be part of the solution for which your descendants will thank you.

—Miguel Checa

[EDITOR’S NOTE: For Business Times reported coverage of Measure P, please click here.]