May 18, 2024
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Letter to the editor: Independent bookstores not ready to fold


Dear Editor:

While the closing of Granada Books is indeed unfortunate and disappointing, it is actually not indicative of the state of independent bookstores. [See “Turning the Page: Indy bookstores on the decline as Granada shuts doors,” April 3-9 edition.]

In her article, Staff Writer Marissa Wenzke asserts that “Sales at independent bookstores across the country have been on the decline for years,” but that statement is not accurate. In fact, the American Booksellers Association, the national trade association for independent bookstores, reported 59 new members in 2014, alone with 28 successful ownership changes. Additionally, sales in independent bookstores have grown and maintained their growth for the past three years.

The Granada story proves that running a bookstore is not easy, especially given the competition that other outlets provide. But collectively, indie stores have survived and even prospered over the past several years. We just want to set the record straight.

— Hut Landon
Executive Director, Northern California Independent Booksellers Association