January 28, 2023
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Resonant shipping more than 1 million pre-production parts


Goleta-based radio frequency filter designer Resonant announced Feb. 8 the first shipments of more than 1 million pre-production parts to four manufacturers by a licensee customer, under an agreement established in May of 2016.

The agreement covered three high-volume frequency bands called Surface Acoustic Wave duplexers.

“Shipping these pre-production parts represents one of the last steps before commercial acceptance of our designs as we transition from a development-stage company into a product-focused licensor with recurring royalty revenue,” George Holmes, CEO of Resonant, said in a news release. “Throughout the past year, we’ve remained intently focused on engaging with the right players for specific designs that we believe could generate revenue in the shortest amount of time.”

Though revenue from the shipments will be modest, Holmes said, he highlighted the 9-12 month turnaround time between design and production.

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