January 28, 2023
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Letter to the editor: Stop asking Trump to release tax returns


Dear Editor:

When I read your commentary, “Time for Trump to release tax returns, explain Russian ties” (Feb. 17 issue), I couldn’t believe my eyes. The editor of a business-oriented periodical spouting left-wing conspiracy theories and repeating fake news.

Let me start by sharing my opinion that President Trump is a friend of the workingman and all businesses that support American job growth. It’s obvious he’s going to strengthen our military so no one messes with us and fix immigration, both legal and illegal. He’s going to improve our infrastructure while reducing taxes on business and the middle class. He’s going to make sure the lives of inner-city residents get better by offering school choice, bringing jobs and making streets safer. And, if you listen to the news each day, you’d know that he’s not wasting time getting started on these critical initiatives.

So I read your commentary and find it flawed and offensive. I’m offended by your references to Tom Friedman and Fareed Zakaria as the “smartest journalists I know,” but never mentioning how biased and left-leaning they both are. Zakaria was a regular visitor to the Obama White House and one of President Obama’s trusted advisers. And Tom Friedman never misses an opportunity to criticize our president. Failing to mention this is to mislead your readers to believe that their comments might be fair and balanced. Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth.

And really, who, besides Donald Trump’s opponents, care one iota about his tax returns? Answer…no one! The left believes that his 4,000-plus page tax return would offer a treasure trove of information and opportunity to criticize him at every turn. Donald Trump was smart in not releasing his tax returns and every businessperson who reads PCBT knows that’s true. So why, exactly, are you demanding it?

And regarding the fake news conspiracy of campaign coordination with the Russians to get Donald Trump elected, it is more nonsense. A waste of time and a waste of ink. Just another distraction from the important work that needs to get done by our elected officials in Washington. So please stop drinking the Kool-Aid and let this be the last mention of President Trump’s tax returns.

Gary Wechter
Retired businessman
Arroyo Grande