July 15, 2024
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Soraa’s Sky bulb wins LED lamp innovation award


Soraa’s Sky bulb won the top award for innovation in the LED lamp category at the Lightfair International 2017 in Philadelphia on May 10.

The Sky bulb, previously called Helia, automatically adjusts color according to the body’s natural circadian rhythms, the Santa Barbara company said in a news release, using blue light in the morning and transitioning to softer white light throughout the day.

“Our SORAA Sky Dynamic White bulb provides the healthiest and most beautiful LED light available,” said Soraa CEO Jeff Parker. “SORAA Sky is environmentally aware and automatically syncs to sunrise and sunset times, as well as your sleep and wake times to provide optimized lighting for your circadian health and sleep cycles. We are proud that our team’s innovation has won Lightfair International’s coveted innovation award.”

Users can control their lighting preferences with a smartphone app, and a modular design allows them to add or upgrade the bulbs easily over time without replacing them. The system also detects ambient light and whether someone is present in the room, turning lights down or off to save additional energy.

Other products from Soraa have recently been installed in museums in New Orleans, Detroit, Australia, and the world’s oldest public museum in Oxford, England.

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