July 2, 2024
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EVC launches online tool to help companies attract workers


San Luis Obispo County-based Economic Vitality Corporation has launched an online platform to connect regional businesses with new workers.

The economic development nonprofit said April 29 the tool will help Central Coast companies attract and retain new employees from the area and farther out. 

“Local businesses aiming to hire talent from elsewhere are challenged to help prospective employees understand the breadth of companies and the high quality of life on the Central Coast,” EVC Senior Project Director Loreli Cappel said in a news release. “The site will help prospective employees mitigate the risk to relocate here for a new job.”

Called the Employer-Talent Connection Resource, the tool includes information about the region’s businesses and mapping features for both locations and industry sector, according to the release. 

“One of the biggest hurdles of locally growing companies and head-of-household jobs is attracting and retaining talent. Prospective employees are challenged to identify remarkable companies and job openings in our region, and to create connections,” said EVC CEO Michael Manchak. “Growing companies and jobs requires linking employers with a talent pool, and Employer-Talent Connection Resource is designed to support this need.”

The organization said it hopes to drive economic growth and provide resources for companies affected by the COVID-19 restrictions. 

“Providing effective resources like this will help unlock the potential for connecting talent and employers in our region to help the recovery from COVID-19 and to grow and diversity our economy,“ said Martin Resorts CEO and Board Chair Noreen Martin.