April 5, 2024
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Albertsons fined $3.3M in hazardous waste case


Ventura County officials are set to receive $395,089 as part of a $3.3 million settlement with Albertsons in a case that alleged the grocery chain mishandled hazardous waste.

The case was led by district and city attorneys from six counties, including Ventura County. It alleged that Albertsons broke the state’s hazardous waste laws in its handling and disposal of pharmaceuticals, aerosol products, flammable liquids, batteries, pool chemicals and other products.

Albertsons has eight stores in Ventura County, two of which closed while case was under investigation. The civil action was filed in Orange County Superior Court.

The Ventura County District Attorney’s Office will receive $327,711 in civil penalties and $14,250 in costs. The Ventura County Environmental Health Division will receive $51,000 in civil penalties and $2,128 in costs.