December 4, 2022
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Letter: SCE should listen to Moorpark residents’ concerns in nursery dispute


Dear Editor:

Kudos to Elijah Brumback for his Sept. 19 article on the Moorpark nursery being evicted by Southern California Edison, after operating on SCE land for 28 years.

It’s the first report to solicit any type of response from SCE. When Edison spokesman Rudy Gonzalez said, “no not really,” in addressing whether SCE has had any contact with Moorpark residents, the comment was quite telling.

Had SCE done their homework before taking such a drastic action against a respected local small business, the huge utility would have learned that neighbors of the 42 acres, as well as most Moorpark residents, really want the nursery on the property.

What residents don’t want is vacant dirt prone to dust storms, overgrown weeds, fires, the homeless, vagrants, vandalism, trespassers or worse.

Performance Nursery is a huge community supporter, and its 460,000 plants provide an urban forest through the heart of a big housing tract, maintaining beauty under ugly power lines and deterring unwanted activity right at backyard fences.

Shame on SCE for not making an effort to talk with Moorpark residents, and for giving Performance so little time to move its stock and employees.

—Bethany Montoya